Apple vs Monster Beats

Apple will likely debut the new iPhone 7, and along with it a host of new headphones from Beats. Beats arrived at Apple, however, through one of the most convoluted and unlikely stories in tech history. It’s a story of a major company that thought it was exploiting a celebrity only to discover, too late, […]

Monster launches white earphones

If there’s a company out there that engages in price gouging more blatantly than Monster, I’ve never heard of them. Today’s offense: charging $US700 for a pair of $US350 headphones painted white. The headphones in question are the Dr. Dre Beats headphones, a nice pair of over-the-ear cans with noise cancellation and a mobile phone […]

Celebrity earphone Deathmatch – Monster & Beats

Monster Beats by Dr. Dre My experience with Monster and Beats by Dre headphones is that they range from mediocre to abysmal. What I don’t understand is how they claim they’re all about getting people to hear the sound they hear in the studio, and then they so dramatically change the equalization of the headphones. […]