The headphone breakup- Beats & Monster

Beats audio has become a pretty familiar brand around these parts: in addition to the ubiquitous headphones, the company has licensed its brand to HP and is majority owned by HTC — both of which manufacture an increasing number of Beats-branded products. Regardless, it’s the headphones that built the brand, and the future of who […]

Reasons for success

Dr. Dre shot to fame in the late eighties as one of the leading members of NWA. The group’s songs depicted life in Compton, Los Angeles, and their frustrations with the police. Although NWA’s songs were accused of romanticizing crime, Dr. Dre was never involved in any serious altercations with the authorities. The group’s other […]

The Beats With a Billion Eyes

n 2008, Monster, a tech company known for overpriced cables and zealous litigation against Rhode Island mini-golf courses, teamed up with Dr. Dre, the legendary hip-hop artist and producer who helped bring Snoop, Eminem, 50 Cent, and Kendrick Lamar to the masses. Just five years later you can look around any playground, subway train, or […]